Searching for things to do on the Eyre Peninsula? Here’s some tips from the locals at Venus Bay!

Located on South Australia’s stunning coastline, the Eyre Peninsula is a wonderland of natural landscapes, pristine beaches, secluded bays, dreamy islands and countless protected parklands. The Eyre Peninsula is a place where you can fully immerse yourself in nature and have some pretty amazing adventures while you’re at it.

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Eyre Peninsula – things to do

There’s so much to do on the Eyre Peninsula that you might feel spoilt for choice. Here’s a list of our top 8 Eyre Peninsula attractions to get you started.

1. Experience Eyre Peninsula Fishing

Known as Australia’s Seafood Frontier, the Eyre Peninsula offers exceptional fishing for everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned anglers. Cast your line from one of the region’s many jetties or from the rocky shorelines.

You can also fish directly from the beach. If you want a little more adventure, try fishing from a boat – there are many fishing charters available in the area. You’ll get to rub shoulders with locals and experience the natural beauty of the coastline from a different perspective.

By the way, your chances of catching fresh fish are very high. Depending on where you fish from, you can hook Whiting, Snapper, Garfish, Salmon, Flathead, Trevally, Crabs and more.

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2. Swim with wild dolphins, play with sea lions or dive with sharks

The sparkling, clean waters of the Eyre Peninsula are home to a vast array of marine life. Join a tour in Baird Bay and frolic with pods of wild bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat. Another recommendation is to take a thrilling dip in the ocean with the inquisitive, cheeky sea lions near Port Lincoln or Baird Bay.

If you’re very brave, there’s also cage diving with one of nature’s scariest creatures: the great white shark. And while we’re talking about the ocean’s majestic creatures, whale watching from The Head of Bight between June and October is a sight to behold.  

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3. Go snorkelling

Snorkelling is one of the Eyre Peninsula’s top attractions. Watch out for seahorses, cowfish, Giant Cuttlefish, octopus, squid and a vast assortment of other sea life. If you’re new to snorkelling or don’t have your own snorkel gear – or even if you simply prefer to snorkel in a group – join a guided tour.

Otherwise, there are plenty of safe and tranquil waters where you can snorkel with your family or friends. The Southern Ocean is a vast and fascinating place.

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4. Explore beautiful beaches

Soak up the unparalleled beauty of the region’s unspoilt beaches. See colossal sand dunes, relax on pure white beaches, admire rugged coastlines and enjoy spectacular views from cliff tops. Why not simply while away the day beachcombing? You’ll never want to leave this paradise.

Don’t forget to set your alarm for sunrise and sunset – watching the sun come up or go down over the ocean is a magical experience. The Eyre Peninsula, with its numerous east and west-facing beaches, offers plenty of opportunities to do this. 

Popular Eyre Peninsula beaches on the South Australian coastline include:

  • Streaky Bay Foreshore
  • Tumby Bay
  • Fishery Bay
  • Mount Camel
  • Venus Bay  

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5. Follow a walking trail

From 15 minute walks to all-day hikes, the Eyre Peninsula has nature trails to suit everyone.

The very scenic South Head Walking Trail is highly recommended. Follow the path around the cliff tops. If the weather’s clear, you might see dolphins, sea lions, sea eagles and even migrating whales (if you’re in the area between May and October).

One of the highlights of the trail is The Needle Eye Lookout. You’ll recognise The Needle Eye immediately; it’s a rock formation with a hole that lets you see the beach on the other side.

The Gawler Ranges National Park merges history, culture and conservation with an abundance of hiking and walking opportunities. Explore 5 walks and trails in Coffin Bay National Park. 

6. Have fun with water sports

The Eyre Peninsula has some sheltered bays where the calm waters are perfect for water sports. Swimming in the invigorating Southern Ocean is a must, of course, but you can also try surfing, water skiing, paddle boarding, sailing or kayaking. Boat and equipment hire is available at many places.

7. Go bird watching

For bird watchers, the peninsula is a must-visit destination. The region is home to over 270 different species of our feathered friends. In the Venus Bay area alone, there are at least 100 different bird species, including sea eagles, peregrine falcons, honeyeaters and rock parrots. Don’t forget your binoculars or your camera!

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8. Explore the peninsula by 4WD

If you have a 4WD then you’re in luck. The Flinders Ranges are home to some epic 4WD tracks.  There are many off-roads to explore on the Eyre Peninsula, some of them in gorgeous places like Lincoln National Park.

Make sure you stop along the way at the lookout points. You’ll get outstanding views of the ocean, the coast and the region’s islands. The wetlands of Lake Newland Conservation Park is another fascinating place to visit, and you’ll only be able to access it if you have a 4WD.

9. Enjoy some of Australia’s best seafood on the Eyre Peninsula

Besides magnificent scenery, Eyre Peninsula also has some of Australia’s most delicious seafood. You can even plan your road trip around food – this is Australia’s Seafood Frontier, after all.

There’s fresh tuna at Port Lincoln, oysters straight out of the sea in Ceduna or during a Coffin Bay Oysters tour, and then there’s squid, rock lobster, prawns, abalone, mussels and a huge variety of very delicious ocean fish.  

The local wines perfectly complement the freshly-caught seafood of the region. Sample a glass from any of the Port Lincoln wineries.

When it comes to dining options, the Eyre Peninsula has many pubs, restaurants, fish and chip shops, cafes and bars to choose from. 1802 Oyster Bar in Coffin Bay is a popular choice. That said, it’s also very easy to cook your own seafood on a BBQ, so long as you buy or catch the seafood yourself.

Whichever way you feast on the wonderful seafood of the region, one thing’s for sure – your taste buds will thank you!

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Where to stay

There are many accommodation options for tourists on the peninsula and a beachfront location is the best way to experience the magic of the coast. The sea breezes, the sound of the ocean and natural landscapes all have a powerful effect on the mind, body and soul.

Venus Bay Beachfront Tourist Park is in an ideal spot for your stay. The Tourist Park has various types of accommodation available, including budget, ensuite and deluxe cabins which are right beside the beach. Powered sites are available too, for caravans of all sizes, motor homes, camper trailers, campervans, RVs and tents.

In addition, Venus Bay Beachfront Tourist Park provides spotless amenities, gas BBQs, a camp kitchen, boats for hire, fish cleaning table, laundry, kiosk and takeaway foods. We even sell local Venus Bay cooked King Prawns!  You’ll find everything you need at our park for a relaxing and comfortable stay during your epic Eyre Peninsula adventure.

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